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Tarrytown New York

March 24th, 2018 10:01 PM by Joseph Baratta

Tarrytown NY holds many memories for me. Back in the early 80’s many of the office buildings along 119 were just being built. My dad Joseph Baratta Sr. was the engineer that designed most of those buildings, including the Westchester Marriott and the Christiania building both icons of Tarrytown.


  I was lucky enough to be sent on those job sites as an inspector on dad’s behalf, to ensure that the proper steel reinforcing was in place before concrete was to be poured. As a young man from Queens, Tarrytown was a great distance to travel. At the time I had never driven beyond the Tappanzee Bridge. It soon became a very easy and enjoyable commute. I ate at many of the local restaurants. My dad’s favorite was the Eldorado Diner on 119. Whenever he came up to the jobsite, he would take me there to eat. Recently that diner was torn down and will soon be the new Tarrytown Honda Dealership. It looks great so far and it will be an asset to the area. I’m pieces so I am drawn to the water. To this day I still love driving to the water front in Tarrytown. Occasionally I’ll drive to one of the many waterfront public spots to soak in the ambiance. I can sit there all day and look out at the water.


Tarrytown is an area that fits all budgets. My personal favorite is Hudson Harbor Condominiums. Breathtaking views of the Hudson and The new Tappanzee Bridge. Just a quick walk to the train station and Main Street in Downtown Tarrytown. You’ll find some of the best places to eat and shop. I feel like I’m on vacation whenever I stroll through with my bride. We have several favorite eating places in town. I might end up living there one day myself once my nest empties out.

Check out Tarrytown for yourself one day. You might fall in love. If you do, give me a ring and I’ll find you somewhere great to own or rent.

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Posted by Joseph Baratta on March 24th, 2018 10:01 PM