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  • AutonomyBusiness expenses are an additional source of income at year end, and purchasing a commercial property is a large deduction.
  • Additional income .
  • AutonomyCommercial properties are also called "Income" properties. Rent the extra space in your building to other tenants for a profit.
  • Retirement fund .
  • AutonomyThink appreciation! As you acquire equity, it will become an asset to you and your company.

    Commercial Property Specialists

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    Whether you're starting a new business, needing to change locations or expanding, at Joseph Baratta, my purpose is to help you find the ideal commercial space for you. First, here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for commercial property:

      The items listed above are just starting points when analyzing the purchase of office space. We'll also need to explore specifics such as: How much parking do you need? Do you need a warehouse or loading dock? How tall should the ceilings be? What kind and size of conference rooms would work best? What kind of growth do expect to experience in the next 10-15 years? By combining salient facts about your business with my expert knowledge of the local market, you'll gain maximum benefit from your commercial real estate investment. Call 845-323-1945 for a consultation today.