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Mamaroneck New York

January 8th, 2018 5:29 PM by Joseph Baratta

When the weather is in the single digits, I like to think about the places & things I like about New York.   One of my favorite places to visit is the village of Mamaroneck.  I take my lunch “to go” and stop at the marina for a peaceful, relaxing & calming break.

Mamaroneck has a great history.

Originally the farming community of  Mamaroneck was located on two sides of the Mamaroneck River. In the 1890s the two areas surrounding the river were joined into one commercial village, Mamaroneck, which was incorporated in 1895. The east side of the village lies in the town of Rye and is known as Rye Neck. Some controversy surrounded the incorporation of the village, but the State Appellate Court approved the village's election status. The population of Mamaroneck village in 1895 was 1,500.[4]

Along with the other shore communities of Westchester, Mamaroneck was at one time the location of summer residences for wealthy families from New York City. Summer residence neighborhoods included Greenhaven, Orienta and Shore Acres. The local railroad from New York City (now Metro-North) began to serve the village in 1848. Currently the village of Mamaroneck is a commuter town for individuals working in Manhattan. A harbor on the Long Island Sound supports facilities for pleasure boating and is the location of Harbor Island Park, a large public park with beach and sporting facilities.

The main commercial streets in Mamaroneck are the Boston Post Road (U.S. Route 1) and Mamaroneck Avenue, the site of several annual parades. Local industry is centered on Fenimore Road.

Other areas of the town include Heathcote Hill overlooking the harbor, Harbor Heights to the northeast, Old Rye Neck (settled in the 1880s), Rye Neck (settled in the 1920s and 1930s) and Washingtonville, better known as "The Flats", due to the flat, low-lying topography of the area.

I didn't know they were still around but Archie Comics is headquartered in the village of Mamaroneck.    
Marval Industries, a manufacturer of plastics, employing about 70 people. It is one of a very few businesses along Metro-North Railroad's New Haven Line that still utilize the freight trains.

Notable people from Mamaroneck NY

  • William Kunstler, radical lawyer and civil rights activist; lived on West Street
  • Gary Young (drummer), first drummer of the 90s seminal alternative band Pavement
  • Cat Greenleaf, News Reporter and Host of NBC's Emmy Award Winning Program, Talk Stoop
  • Matt Dillon grew up in Mamaroneck
  • Kevin Dillon grew up in Mamaroneck
  • Norman Rockwell lived in Mamaroneck
  • James Fenimore Cooper lived in Mamaroneck
  • Scott Leius (baseball player) lived in Mamaroneck
  • During the times of silent movies DW Griffith's studio was located on Orienta Point in Mamaroneck and the famous silent movie actresses the Gish sisters both lived there.
  • Edwin B. Dooley, former US Congressman
  • Robert Ripley had a home on BION (Believe It Or Not) Island, just off Taylor Lane
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Posted by Joseph Baratta on January 8th, 2018 5:29 PM